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The App List

App List是一個功能齊全的應用書簽和愿望列表解決方案,適用于iOS、iPadOS、macOS、watchOS和tvOS應用程序。只需通過從應用程序商店頁面共享應用程序、從其他應用程序共享應用程序商店URL或直接在應用程序列表中添加應用程序即可。

App List is a full-featured App bookmarking and wishlist solution for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS Apps. Just add an App by sharing it from an App Store page, by sharing an App Store URL from another App, or by adding it directly inside App List.

App List is very flexible and can be useful for all kinds of applications, for example:

? Use it as a simple wishlist to bookmark Apps you want to buy later. This is especially useful with its price change notifications

? Bookmark a large game you want to download later, because you are currently on the road and want to save your data allowance

? Save a collection of Apps which you do not use all the time, like your favorite travel apps. Give them a tag in App List, and quickly download them when you need them

? Share your favorite Apps with other people

? Keep track of your own Apps on the App Store

? Track your competitors' Apps on the App Store

? Create a collection of well-designed Apps for inspiration

Full feature list:

? Sync your App List data automatically and seamlessly via iCloud with all your Apple devices

? Group apps with custom tags, and use them to filter or search your list

? Receive a Push Notification when the price of an app you would like to monitor changes

? Read details about every App on your list

? Comprehensive sorting and filtering: filter by tag and platform, search by keyword and change the sort priority of your results.

? Share one or several Apps with other people, either as a list of App Store URLs, or descriptive as Text and URL

? The list display is fully configurable; you can, for example, display various meta data of an app, change the size and location of the icon or turn it off altogether

? Automatic background updates

? Use the Backup & Restore functionality to save a backup of your list (including tags), or to share it with someone else

App List has support for all App Store storefronts. It fully supports Dark Mode, has pointer support and - on the iPad - supports portrait/landscape orientations, split screen multitasking and drag & drop to/from other Apps.

App List is a free app. You can give the developer a tip (via in-app purchase) if you want to support its development, but all functionality can be used freely without tipping.

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